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 Bekirov’s health condition turns critical

February 05, 2019 17:53 0 687
Crimean Tatar activist Edem Bekirov’s health condition has turned critical.

This was reported by the Verkhova Rada’s Commissioner for human rights, Lyudmila Denisova, on her Facebook page.

At the same time, she explains, the head of the Russian President’s Council on the development of the civil society and human rights, Mikhail Fedotov, claims that the POC’s health condition is fully satisfying.

„According to his lawyer, the note he received does exclude those illnesses, which are considered critical and would make further arrest impossible. Yet we know that Edem Bekirov suffers from a great many of dangerous illnesses, which can only get worse under the conditions of confinement. Consequently I’m convinced, that the information, given in those letters from Russia, shall not be trusted“, Denisova wrote.

According to her, Russia disguises Bekirov’s true health condition and, thus, violates human rights.

„In my last request I asked for immediate measures to ensure qualified medical aid in a specialized hospital. I, furthermore, made clear that Edem Bekirov’s detention may entail fatal consequences for his life“, she explained.

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