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Force structures prepared arrests of activists on February 21 beforehand, - police officer

April 11, 2017 18:27 0 1279 QirimInfo
The Supreme Court of the Crimea continues to consider the appeals against the arrest of 11 activists.

The force structures planned the arrests of activists on February 21 in the micro-district of Kamenka in Simferopol. The police officer who made the record of detention against one of the activists said this during the court session today.

Today, on April 11, the Supreme Court of the Crimea considered the appeal against the arrest of activist Seiran Murtazayev, who was detained on February 21 during the raid in the house of Marlen Mustafayev. Important to note, 11 Crimean-Tatar activists were detained back then.

The court postponed the consideration of the appeal till April 25.

According to HR defender Lilia Gemedzhi, one of the police officers stated during the court session that the force structures had prepared the arrests of the activists beforehand.

 «This operation was prepared in advance. Some officers arrived to the site on purpose. Others stayed in the police department and waited to make records of detention,» – human rights defender Lilia Demedzhi has reported the words of the police officer.

Important to note, it was the consideration of the appeal in the case of the tenth detained activist, all the previous appeals of the activists detained near Marlen Mustafayev’s house weren’t satisfied either. The activists plan to appeal the decision of the Crimean court in the ECHR.

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