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Siemens sues «Rostech» over shipped turbines to occupied Crimea

July 11, 2017 10:42 0 1064 QirimInfo
The German company wants to return the turbines from the Crimea or to terminate the contract.

The German company Siemens intends to investigate the violation of the contract by the Russian company Technopromexport. The latter purchased the Siemens turbines and delivered them to the Crimea, thus having broken their promise that it wouldn’t occur. This was reported by Reuters.

Siemens accuses the Russian company of having transferred two purchased gas turbines to the territory of the annexed Ukrainian peninsula.

«Siemens has received information from reliable sources that at least two of the four gas turbine sets, which were delivered for the project in Taman, Southern Russia, have been moved to the Crimea against our will, » – said in the company’s statement.

The representatives of the German company noted that over the last few months, «the Russian customer»  had confirmed to them numerous times in writing that a delivery to the occupied Crimea would not occur.

 «As a consequence, Siemens will initiate criminal charges against the responsible individuals», – they added in Siemens.

Important to note, on June 19, the Council of the European Union approved the decision on prolongation of the sanctions imposed regarding the Russia-occupied Crimea, till June 28, 2018.

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