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Russian government made house searches of Crimean Tatars legal in annexed Crimea

November 08, 2017 15:41 1 5399
KrymSOS received a document that indicates a systemic policy of pressure on activists.


To analyze the socio-political situation in the occupied Crimea requests the Ministry of Internal Policy of Information and Communication of the Russian Federation:

  • to monitor and suppress municipal contracts with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, who are organizers of mass protest actions
  • to monitor public associations and informal communities that have a network of at least 50 participants

Furthermore, it is written that “information about the results of work and taken measures should be submitted to the ministry in accordance with the attached form before October 16, 2017, as well as sent quarterly (not later than the 20th of the last reported month of the quarter)".

The document describes the policy of elimination of all forms of civil activity in Crimea. Including the activities of Crimean Solidarity movement, Bizim ballar ("Our children"), bloggers and private entrepreneurs supporting families of political prisoners and other forms of protest activities. That have shown the recent criminal persecutions that took place against six Crimean Tatars. In particular in Bakhchysarai against Marlen Asanov, owner of the Salachik café and yesterday’s house search of Seytumer Seitumerov, activist, photographer and administrator of the Salachik café. In Old Crimea yesterday took also place a house search and detention against Alimdar Belyalov, owner of a snack bar, and his employees.

It should be noted that the document was distributed through official channels via mail to regional administrations on behalf of the First Deputy of so-called Minister of Internal Policy of Information and Communication of the Republic of Crimea, which speaks not only of the arbitrariness of the departments at the regional level.

These illegal decisions are proposed to be implemented without any sanctions of a court or any other official institution within the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in fact to discriminate and marginalize Crimean Tatars.

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Михеил Галстукашвили
08.11.2017, 16:42
Правильный документ! С терроризмом нужно бороться! Вон, в Киев вообще без обыска машины въехать невозможно уже вторую неделю.