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Russia continues blocking attepts of international organizations to visit occupied Crimea – MFA

August 01, 2018 00:37 0 1088
The Russian Federation further on continues blocking all the attempts of the international organizations to implement the decision on monitoring the occupied Crimea.

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Serhii Kislitsa wrote this on Facebook.

Ukraine repeatedly invited international organizations to conduct monitoring at the occupied peninsula, the diplomat noted. He reminded that, in correspondence with the international law, they are obliged to carry out the observation under the norms of the Ukrainian legislation.

“The Russian Federation continues blocking all the attempts of the international organizations, including the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the UNESCO and the same OSCE, to use Ukraine’s invitation, and also to implement the decision of the managing bodies of these structures on monitoring the occupied Crimea. Herein, Moscow cynically remarks that it remains open for the visits to the Crimea, as Russia’s territory,” Kislitsa wrote.

According to him, such position is unacceptable for Ukraine and the international organizations.

“The occupants must return to compliance with the norms of the international legislation, while the international organizations should enforce thorough and persistant implementation of the decisions on the occupied Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, in particular, use the already existing invitations. The MFA remains open for the discussion of all the details related to the visits to the occupied Crimea, with representatives of the international organizations,” he added.

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