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Oleksii Chirnii denied meeting with consul, transferred to prison regime

July 26, 2017 16:23 0 1388 QirimInfo
The Ukrainian citizen was barred from meeting the Ukrainian Consul, as the colony’s administration believes he is a citizen of Russia.

Today, on July 26, Russian lawyer Ilya Novikov informed that defendant in the «Sentsov’s case» Oleksii Chirnii had been transferred from common regime to the prison one. The lawyer posted this on Facebook.

The lawyer informed that the Ukrainian citizen was barred from meeting the Ukrainian Consul as the colony’s administration reckons him a citizen of the Russian Federation.

«I visited him on Monday, July 24. Before convoying Oleksii to me, they gave him a notification to read, which stated that as his application on refusal to accept the Russian citizenship, which he had filed in Bakhchisarai on April 18, 2014, wasn’t found, he would be considered a citizen of Russia under the law on the annexation of the Crimea. They did the same thing to Sentsov and Kolchenko. They will admit no Ukrainian consuls to him from now on. They will also suspend the already started procedure of his transfer to Homeland to serve the remaining term of punishment there. Chirnii has served nearly a half of his term in Russia by now», – the lawyer wrote.

Oleksii Chirnii was arrested in 2014 under the indictment of preparation of the blast of Lenin monument in Simferopol. He was transported to the Bataysk colony on October 6, 2016, and he was sent to punitive confinement under various pretexts 4 times since then. The colony’s administration disliked that he refused to work.

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