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Mykola Polozov tells about his visit to Investigatory Committee

March 06, 2017 13:51 0 903 QirimInfo
The Investigatory Committee is to solve the issue of starting a criminal case against the lawyer in the nearest days.

Today, on March 6, lawyer Mykola Polozov visited the Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation on the Crimea issues and gave explanations in the framework of the pre-investigative check upon the fact of his interrogation by the Federal Security Service’s officers. The lawyer has told this in a comment for QirimInfo.

«In the Investigatory Committee, I explained in details that the actions of the FSB investigator [the interrogation] had been obviously illegal. I was forcibly and illegally delivered to the FSB department where they tried to interrogate me. I refused to answer the questions only on the grounds that, first, the Federal Law on Legal Practice and Advocacy prohibits me to do that, and secondly, the investigator had no authorizations to interrogate me on the circumstances of rendering legal assistance, or conduct these actions under the court’s decision which hasn’t come into force yet either. On this, our today’s conversation ended» — Mr. Polozov has told.

Important to note, on January 25 the lawyer was forcibly delivered to the FSB department where they tried to interrogate him over the case of his client Ilmi Umerov. Polozov refused to testify back then. Later, investigator of the Federal Security Service Mr.Skripka forwarded the materials, over which they started the check under Article 308 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation «Witness’s refusal to testify», to the Investigatory Committee. The check of the Investigatory Committee will last till March 9.

«The investigator has been provided with the record and the video-record of my interrogation,» — Polozov has added.

As for the results of the check, the lawyer remains convinced that a criminal case should be started not against him, but against the FSB investigator for abuse of office.

«The check is carried out by the same investigator who conducted the pre-investigative check with regard to me in the previous case, when they charged me under articles prescribing disrespect for the participants of the legal proceedings, abuse of the authorities’ representatives and perverting the course of justice. The investigator issued a refusal to start a criminal case upon the results of the previous check. As for the current check, if they act in accordance with the law, there should be no criminal case. There should be at least a criminal case against the FSB investigator for the abuse of power. He knew in advance that he couldn’t interrogate me. As for the perspectives, I still hope they will not start any criminal cases. The political conjuncture is often important. I can tell you for sure that the decision will be taken not here, in the Investigatory Committee, but in Moscow» — Mr. Polozov has clarified.

Previously, the Supreme Court of the Crimea left the decision of judge of the Kyiv district court of Simferopol Victor Mozhelianskii to allow the investigator of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) to conduct interrogation of Mr. Polozov, in force.  It was also informed before that the Kyiv district of Simferopol would start consideration of the criminal case against Ilmi Umerov within a month.

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