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Original hand-made tiles of the Khan’s Palace are being changed to the plant’s by the occupation forces

April 10, 2018 11:02 0 1618
The hand-made tiles named “tatarka”, which covered the roof of the Khan’s Palace, are being changed to the styled fake tiles, made in Spain.

Tiling works has been started on April 8, 2018. 

Edem Dudakov, an ex-head of the Crimean Committee on Inter-Ethnic Relations and Deported Nations, reported about it on his Facebook profile:
“Tatarka” tiles which are the palette of thousands of shades are sacrificed to this dull monotony (the tiles from Spain called “15 minutes”). The reasons are that the fake tiles are easy-to-use, that there are no specialists in “tatarka” tiling and it is the easiest way to split the money. Moreover, the frantic activity feigning and “high-hat” are more important than the result.” 
Artisanal “tatarka” tiles will be changed to the plant’s tiles from Spain. So, the occupation forces change the technology of tiling of the Khan’s Palace. In this way, they destroy the elements of the Crimean Tatars cultural heritage. 
Previously, it was reported that the original tiles, taken from the Khan’s Mosque roof, appeared on the illegal market. 
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