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More than a thousand citizens of Ukraine deported from occupied Crimea

January 31, 2019 11:36 0 435
Citizens of Ukraine are cast out of russian-occupied Crimea for absence of Russian documents and work certificates.


This reports RBK Ukraine, quoting lawyer Vitaliy Nabukhotniy.

According to him 2425 people in total have been displaced, more than a thousand of them are citizens of Ukraine.

«Ukrainian citizens turned out to be the most vulnerable group. A wide-spread violation was the absence of Russian documents, as well as work certificates. More than 1000 are citizens of Ukraine, who Russia deported from Crimea», explained Nabukhotniy.

He also stated that in one of these cases lawyers were going to the International Criminal Court.

«The case applies to the collective deportation of 23 citizens of Ukraine who came to Crimea with the aim to work in construction. On January 22 2018 they were presented with administrative protocols, according to which they had to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. They didn’t follow the instruction of the court and where arrested in Yevpatoriya by police forces and forcefully deported the following day», he added.

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