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A deficit of more than a hundred doctors in health care institutions of occupied Yalta

January 31, 2019 15:40 0 407
This was announced by Aleksandr Golenko, „Secretary of State for Health in Crimea“ on the sidelines of a retreat.

The issue is discussed by local media.

„As from today, 134 doctors are missing in Yalta“, he said.

Residents of the spa town had complained about a critical deficit in doctors and the poor health care services. During the meeting they told about 5-hour-queues. Amongst others, the people reported a deficit in ENT specialists, general practitioners and cardiologists.

„Why do only seven out of twenty general practitioners work? Why was I treated by a surgeon when they institutionalized me with a heart attack?“, a local woman asked. „The health care situation here is horrific“.

„You are right, the situation about the queue time is unfortunate. Especially the registration. I see the problem inside the work policy of the hospitals“, Aksenov commented the situation.

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