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Aksyonov promised to punish political prisoners for energy blockade

December 04, 2015 18:59 1 2520 QirimInfo
Russian Head of Crimea said that the court will take attempst to exchange power for prisoners into account.


Sergey Aksyonov, Russian Head of Crimea, said that Russian court will toughen the punishment for Crimean political prisoners due to Ukraine’s offer to exchange power supply for activists, reports Notosti Kryma.

“I think the court will take into consideration that their colleagues were interceding for these people. We will add this up, the damage done to Crimea, these people will work to compensate that with a blunt saw somewhere on the North Pole — I think they can work it off, 15-20 years will be enough,” Aksyonov said.

Previously Mustafa Dzhemilev, Ukrainian MP and leader of Crimean Tatars, said that negotiations regarding restoring power supply to Crimea are possible only after Ukrainian political prisoners held on the peninsula and in Russia are freed.

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Олена Качко
05.12.2015, 23:34
Какая МРАЗЬ!!