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Four witnesses of raids in Bakhchisarai sentenced to administrative detentions

April 13, 2017 19:34 0 3051 QirimInfo
One of the detained Crimean Tatars was fined by the court for 10 K rubles.

The Bakhchisarai district court took the decision with regard to the administrative cases of five Crimean Tatars, detained this morning. Two of them – Mustafa Abduramanov and Aziz Azizov –  got 7 days of administrative detention; Remzi Zudiyev – 3 days; Eskender Memetov – 2 days. Shevket Abduramanov was fined by the court for 10 thousand rubles.

Previously, HR defender Elvina Semedlyayeva informed that the trial in the case of Mustafa and Shevket Abduramanov had been carried out without a lawyer.

 «Shevket Abduramanov has just walked out of the [court building]. According to him, the trial was carried out without a lawyer. The father and the son declared their right to have a lawyer. They were said in the court: we have a right to try you without a defender», – Ms. Semedlyayeva has said.

Important to note, this morning the force structures raided the houses of the Crimean Tatars Seidamet Mustafayev and Midat Muzhdabayev. They were detained, taken to the local police department and accused of violation of Article 20.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation [Propaganda or public demonstration <...> of the attributes and symbols of extremist organizations].

Apart from the above, a conflict between the people and the hawks occurred near Mustafayev’s house. According to eye-witnesses, the force structures officers used batons and shot in the air. As a result, five Crimean Tatars were detained – Mustafa and Shevket Abduramanovs, Eskender Memetov, Remzi Zudiyev and Aziz Azizov.

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